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What is fantasy cricket and how does it work?

In fantasy cricket, players create their own virtual teams by selecting real players from upcoming cricket matches. Performance-based points can be earned by users.

What happens if a player I selected doesn't play in the actual match?

If your chosen player is benched or doesn't participate, no worries! You won't earn points for that player, but your other selections can still contribute to your team's success.

Can I change my team after the match has started?

No, once the match begins, team modifications are locked. Make sure to finalize your selections before the first ball is bowled!

How are points calculated for each player in my fantasy team?

Player performance, such as runs, wickets, and other statistical achievements, directly translates into fantasy points. The more they excel, the higher your fantasy score.

How Do I Join a Contest?

Joining a contest is as simple as selecting your preferred match, assembling your dream team, and picking a contest that suits your level of enthusiasm and skill.